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End Grain Vs Edge Grain: Do You Know The Difference?

April 04, 2017
End grain Vs edge grain Do you know the difference?

While many people consider all wood cutting boards to be the same, that’s not exactly the case, as there are many differences that affect not just how the wood cutting board looks, but also how durable they are. There are two distinct models of wood cutting boards and those are the end grain cutting boards and edge grain cutting boards.

End Grain

The end grain cutting board is made from end pieces of wood. It usually comes in a checkerboard pattern, which is the main characteristic you’ll need to be able to recognize that it is indeed an end grain cutting board. While these types of wood cutting board are a bit more expensive, some people deem it worthy, as it is better for the knives. End grain cutting boards have a “self-healing” factor, as the fibers close up after they have been cut by the knife.

Edge Grain

The edge grain cutting board is made from parallel pieces of wood that have been fused together. This is the most common wood cutting board, which looks exactly like you imagined a wood cutting board would look. It’s usually made out of maple and walnut, although there are some that are made out of a different kind of wood such as pine and bamboo. Edge grain cutting boards are recognized for their durability and lower price, but they tend to dull your knives faster than end grain cutting boards. After prolonged usage, the wood cutting board will have cut marks, damaging the aesthetics of the board. However, this can be prevented by applying beeswax or mineral oil on a regular basis.  

In the end, your decision should be based on which type of wood cutting board most fits with your needs. You should consider the fact that end grain cutting boards have that “self-healing” factor in your decision-making process, as paying a bit more for that type of cutting board can yield better results in the long run. If you want to make that selection, before heading over to the store and paying a ridiculously high price, you should check out Wood Cutting Boards, as they have quality boards for reasonable prices. They have a wide array of both kinds of wood cutting boards, in different designs and styles to fit anybody’s needs. 

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