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Baguette wood cutting board
4 ½" x 20" x ¾"

black walnut tree leaves

Walnut cutting boards

Walnut trees can be found on almost all continents, namely: North and South America, Europe and Asia. The English name derives from an Anglo-Saxon name that translate directly to “foreign nut”. This is because there are no species native to the British Isles, and the tree was introduced from other parts of Europe. The species used in these Walnut cutting boards in the North American variety.

All species produce edible nuts however some, like the black walnut, have hard thick shells that are difficult to break open. The Persian variety is what you will find on supermarket shelves because it produces the perfect combination of a large nut with a soft shell. Oil can also be derived from the kernels, and this can be used as cutting board oil, but it is much more expensive than other suitable oils.

These boards are made from a fine rich wood with character from a tree that produces edible nuts and oil. There is simply no way to comparing this to a artificial plastic board. It is the beautiful, natural and healthy choice for a discriminating chef.

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