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Great Designs for the Holidays
November 01, 2019
Events & Holidays
Not sure what to buy for your loved ones? Here's a fantastic idea!
The Importance of Protecting Your Cutting Board
October 11, 2019
All About Cutting Boards
Cutting boards is certainly one of the most important kitchen tools. Here's how to protect it!
Why You Should Be Cooking your Meals at Home More Often
September 09, 2019
Cooking & Recipes
Get ready to cook! Here are 10 Heavenly Meals to Try this month!
Seasonal Produce for a Sizzling Summer
August 16, 2019
Cooking & Recipes
Summer is officially here. With it comes hot temperatures, perfect days for the beach and, of course, the perfect time to enjoy the fruits and vegetables that are in season. Before this exciting season comes, it might be a good idea for you to create a checklist on some of the seasonal produce you should get.
Say Yes to Personalized Wedding Gifts
July 08, 2019
Events & Holidays
Wedding season is here! This year, get the soon-to-be married couple sentimental gift. Discover our beautiful personalized hardwood cutting boards!
Different Types of Wood Used for a Cutting Board
June 06, 2019
All About Cutting Boards
All of our cutting boards are made out of high quality hardwood. Discover the different species we use to create our beautiful boards.
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
May 02, 2019
Events & Holidays
For Mother’s Day, you mom deserves to be spoiled. Here are some gift ideas to offer her this year.
Serving Boards and Centerpieces
April 09, 2019
Tips & Lifestyle
Featured among our hardwood cutting boards are serving boards that make perfect centerpieces.
personalized wood cutting boards, personalized wood decor, Wood Cutting Boards
March 04, 2019
All About Cutting Boards
Our personalized cutting boards can double as gorgeous decor and centrepieces! Discover the endless possibilities today!
wood cutting boards, wooden valentine's day gifts
February 06, 2019
Events & Holidays
Discover the top Valentine's gifts to offer. What's better than a personalized wood cutting board?
Wood Cutting Boards, Personalized wood cutting boards, Engraved hardwood cutting boards, Cutting board care, Cutting board maintenance
January 16, 2019
All About Cutting Boards
Make sure to properly take care of your wood cutting board and it will last forever.
personalized cutting boards, wood cutting boards, unique cutting board gifts, high-quality hardwood cutting boards
December 06, 2018
Events & Holidays
Personalize your gifts for the perfect sentimental touch during the holidays!
garden, home garden, indoor garden, vegetables, wood cutting board, cutting boards
November 07, 2018
Tips & Lifestyle
Does the idea of creating your own garden intrigue you? Here's how to start off on the right foot!
cutting board conditioner, wood cutting boards, protect cutting boards
October 04, 2018
All About Cutting Boards
Discover all the benefits beeswax has when it comes to properly maintaining your wood cutting board!
hardwood cutting boards, wood cutting boards, hardwood vs bamboo, maple cutting board, walnut cutting board, cherry cutting board, best cutting board, personalized cutting board
September 06, 2018
All About Cutting Boards
Know the difference between your board and others. Here is why hardwood is the way to go when it comes to sturdy, long-lasting cutting boards!
inspirational quotes, motivational cutting boards, engraved wood décor, engraved cutting boards, personalized cutting boards, wood cutting boards
August 09, 2018
All About Cutting Boards
Perfect for any time of gift, personalized cutting boards will always be the best kitchen essential. Here's a few ideas to help you get started!
strawberry recipes, picking strawberries, storing strawberries, freezing strawberries, strawberry cutting board, wood cutting boards
July 17, 2018
Events & Holidays
Make sure you put your freshly picked berries to good use this summer with our tips and tricks on how to choose, store and freeze them, followed by 15 incredible recipes to try!
Plate presentation, Wood serving trays, Charcuterie presentation, Wood Cutting Boards
July 04, 2018
Tips & Lifestyle
Plate presentation can ultimately be what makes or breaks your dish. Here are our top tips to achieving the perfect plate presentation for all of your dishes.
mason jar recipes, meal planning, mason jar meal planning, wood cutting boards
June 19, 2018
Cooking & Recipes
Keep the kitchen cool this summer by planning your meals ahead of time! Here are the best 25 mason jar recipes to make prep go as smoothly as possible!
Hardwood bbq scraper, Wood bbq scraper, Hardwood vs softwood, Wood cutting boards
June 04, 2018
Tips & Lifestyle
While we all know Wood BBQ Scrapers are the new best way to clean your grill, make sure you’re choosing the right wood! Hardwoods are the obvious choice for the job and here’s why.
Vegetable smoothies, Daily vegetable intake, Wood cutting boards, Smoothie recipes
May 31, 2018
Cooking & Recipes
It’s time to pull out your blender! Make sure you’re getting your daily veggies with these 10 fresh smoothies, perfect for any summer day!
Mother’s Day ideas, Mother’s Day gifts, Wood Cutting Boards, showing mom you love her, best mother's day ideas
April 30, 2018
Events & Holidays
One of the best ways to show your mother you love her this Mother's Day is by giving her a perfectly engraved cutting board telling her exactly how you feel! Here are our top Mother's Day Ideas to help you out this year!
indoor gardening, transplanting vegetables, Wood Cutting Boards, vegetable garden
April 04, 2018
Tips & Lifestyle
Nothing tastes better than a meal prepared with produce you worked hard for! Learn how you can start preparing today for your vegetable garden this summer!
sugaring off faq, sugaring off recipes, sugaring off potluck, wood cutting boards
March 26, 2018
Cooking & Recipes
Sugaring offs are an annual tradition for family and friends to get together and eat sugar candy. Cut the sugar intake with one of these amazing recipes, perfect for any sugar shack!
cutting board care, diy cutting board cleaner, wood cutting boards, cutting board conditioner
March 07, 2018
All About Cutting Boards
Once you've bought your cutting board, make sure it aways stays looking as beautiful as when you chose it with these quick and easy DIY cutting board care hacks!
wood cutting board care, oil and protect cutting board, wood cutting boards, custom cutting board care
February 26, 2018
All About Cutting Boards
With proper maintenance and care, a wood cutting board can last a lifetime. Learn how to properly care for your custom engraved cutting boards today!
personalized wood cutting boards, wood laser engraving, wood cutting boards, engraved cutting boards, epilog engraver
February 05, 2018
All About Cutting Boards
Laser engraving is the best way to add a bit of personality into your everyday kitchen routine. Learn why you need an engraved wood cutting board for your next meal prep.
engraved wood decor, redecorating with wood, new year redecoration
January 08, 2018
Tips & Lifestyle
Redecorating your home at least once a year is guaranteed to keep your house always looking fresh. Discover how to get 2018 started by giving your home an update!
how long leftovers last, holiday leftover recipes, christmas leftover recipes, wood cutting boards
December 28, 2017
Cooking & Recipes
Learn how long your leftovers will last in the fridge and what to do with them before they go bad!
Christmas Tree Decorations, Christmas Decorations, Wood Tree Ornaments, Wood Cutting Boards
December 06, 2017
Events & Holidays
Can’t decide how you want to decorate your tree this year? Whether it’s themed, classy or homey, we’ve got the perfect ideas to get you started!
budget friendly diets, getting healthy, free home workouts, cheap diet recipes, wood cutting boards
November 23, 2017
Tips & Lifestyle
Staying healthy on a budget may be one of the hardest tasks out there. Learn how to do both with our newest article!
growing produce, planting vegetables, kitchen garden, wood cutting boards
November 09, 2017
Tips & Lifestyle
Growing your own produce can be tricky, lucky for you that we’re here to guide you all the way!
World Food Championships, Chef Jonathan Scinto, Cooking contestant, Cooking competition
October 25, 2017
Events & Holidays
After spending years watching Julia Child and experimenting in the kitchen, Chef Jonathan has made himself known around the world. Now, it's time for him to battle through the competition at The World Food Championships.
White, Cutting Board, Meal, Party, BBQ
October 06, 2017
Events & Holidays
Why give up barbecuing just because there’s snow on the ground? In this article, we present to you 5 main pieces of equipment needed to throw the best winter BBQ in town!
wood cutting board, cooking vegetable, how to cook vegetable
September 26, 2017
Cooking & Recipes
There are several different methods of preserving the nutrients of our food. Discover the 5 ways to cook your food and which food is preferred for each technique.
lunch kids, back to school lunch, wood cutting board
September 05, 2017
Cooking & Recipes
The bells of the beginning of classes have already starting ringing. Here are our 5 tips to save time and to make your morning more efficient when preparing lunch!
wood cutting board, wash cutting board, dishwasher, kitchen items
August 24, 2017
Cooking & Recipes
Several kitchen items, including wooden cutting boards, cannot be put in the dishwasher. Discover 15 things you should always wash by hand.
6 Steps to Creating an Ideal Brunchs
August 04, 2017
Tips & Lifestyle
Creating an ideal brunch is not often the easiest of things to do and for the most part, it entails taking up tedious tasks just so that it can turn out perfectly.
cutting board, wood cutting board, tips cutting board
July 25, 2017
All About Cutting Boards
Our guide on wood cutting board tips will make sure you get the most out of your kitchen equipment.
right knife, kitchen knife, good knife, wood cutting boards
July 12, 2017
Cooking & Recipes
In this article, we are going to discuss the different types of kitchen knives as well as delves into how you can choose the right knife to add to your kitchen accessories.
 BBQ pro, tips for BBQ, BBQ recipes, wooden cutting board
June 27, 2017
Cooking & Recipes
Here are a few BBQ tips and BBQ recipes that will help you become a BBQ pro.
wooden cutting board, type of wood, walnut cutting board, cherry cutting board, maple cutting board
June 12, 2017
All About Cutting Boards
There are multiple types of wood that can be used to make cutting boards and understanding the options can help you select the one that is right for you.
Easy Snack Ideas to Serve On a Wooden Cutting Board
May 30, 2017
Cooking & Recipes
Most people assume that a cutting board is used for cutting, and preparing food only. Surprisingly enough, the use of a cutting board extends far past the simple cutting concept.
wooden cutting board, promotional product, personalized cutting board
May 10, 2017
All About Cutting Boards
Change the traditional promotional gifts by offering a product that truly represents your business: a unique and original item that will mark those to whom you will offer it.
cutting board care, wood cutting boards
April 27, 2017
Cooking & Recipes
Here are your 5 new favorite recipes. They are vegetarian, easy to make thanks to the Crock Pot and delicious for the beautiful season!
End grain Vs edge grain Do you know the difference?
April 04, 2017
Tips & Lifestyle
While many people consider all wood cutting boards to be the same, that’s not exactly the case, as there are many differences that affect not just how the wood cutting board looks, but also how durable they are.
The Best Cutting Board Models
March 28, 2017
Tips & Lifestyle
Cutting your meat and vegetables without a cutting board is like walking out of your house without shoes on. A wood cutting board is an essential appliance in every kitchen, it’s just as important as your pots and pans.
Nutrition Month - Why it is great to be a Home Chef
March 02, 2017
Tips & Lifestyle
Eating has definitely become a necessary accessory when it comes to socializing. Sadly enough, most of the times we do not seem to comprehend the advantages cooking at home could have as in regards to our health.
Which is a better surface to cut on: A cutting board or the countertop?
February 24, 2017
All About Cutting Boards
Without it, and a knife, almost no prep can be done. Every chef or home cook aspires to own the greenest, most sanitary and the least damaging cutting board.
Indulgent Ideas for a Sweet Valentine’s Day
February 02, 2017
Events & Holidays
This valentine’s day create a special treat for your loved ones; from tarts to cakes, it’s the occasion for sharing. Pick out a novelty board like the round version or one with a handle for a great Valentine's Day presentation.
Inimitable sanitizers for wood cutting boards
January 26, 2017
Tips & Lifestyle
Although most of our kitchen utensils are made of wood, we may not be well conversant with the best way to go about cleaning these items. Here are a few ways you can clean and disinfect your wooden cutting board rapidly.
easy breakfast using a wood cutting board
January 05, 2017
Cooking & Recipes
Using wooden cutting boards can make your life much easier. This ‘Potato ‘N’ Omelet Bites’ is a great start for the day and perfect for an on-the-go breakfast!
family gathering
December 22, 2016
Cooking & Recipes
The holiday season is a time for the family to get together, for parties, and dinners and simply a time to enjoy being with your loved ones.
Tips for a healthy looking kitchen
November 08, 2016
Tips & Lifestyle
With the holidays right around the corner and all those invitations sent out, you’ve giving a good look at your kitchen wondering how the hell to rearrange that disaster.
Secret to the perfect turkey
October 23, 2016
Cooking & Recipes
Thanksgiving is just around the corner! It's no surprise that the center of everyone's attention during this special day is on the selection and preparation of the turkey.
The Different Types of Vegetable Cutting Styles
September 06, 2016
Tips & Lifestyle
Following are vegetable cutting and chopping styles that every serious cook should master.
Choosing the Right Cutting Board for You
August 19, 2016
Tips & Lifestyle
While there are many types of cutting and chopping boards to choose from, finding the right board for your kitchen is much easier that you might believe.
The Reason Some Woods Are Better Than Others in the Kitchen
July 05, 2016
All About Cutting Boards
Cutting boards play an essential role in the average kitchen, and by far, wood cutting boards are the most preferred type among all types of cutting boards.
Foods You Can Put in a Mason Jar
June 15, 2016
Cooking & Recipes
Mason jars are elegant and easy to carry back and forth to work, school or even take with you on a picnic. Different types of foods can be put in mason jars. The possibilities are endless. Get creative!
Why Wood Cutting Boards Are Preferable than Plastic?
May 26, 2016
All About Cutting Boards
Whether you’re buying one for yourself or for a gift, a cutting board is an indispensable accessory in any kitchen and you have two main choices when it comes to cutting board material.
5 Easy Recipes to Get Your Day Started on the Right Foot
May 10, 2016
Cooking & Recipes
To enhance and elevate your daily energy level, we've assembled five delicious breakfast recipes to relieve stress and time consuming preparation meals!
4 of the Most Popular Food Choices
April 27, 2016
Tips & Lifestyle
Four of the most popular lifestyle diets these days are paleo, vegetarian, vegan and raw. Here’s a brief rundown of each of these four ways of eating.
Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips
April 13, 2016
Tips & Lifestyle
For those that have become engulfed in the fast-paced world around them, it can be easy for common household chores to fall behind. Since completing these tasks is inevitable, you might as well make the most of it.
5 Tips to Maintain your Indoor Herb Garden
March 28, 2016
Tips & Lifestyle
A kitchen herb garden is incredibly convenient — you can snip what you need, at you’re the tip of your fingers at convenience, and your kitchen smells great.
5 Kitchen Organizing Tips
March 07, 2016
Tips & Lifestyle
Having an organized kitchen makes cooking far more enjoyable. It also allows you to get your cooking done in a timely fashion since you’re not constantly looking for something you’ve misplaced.
Brighten Your Day with a Fresh Orange Smoothie Recipe
February 25, 2016
Cooking & Recipes
Face the winter season with a sunny and delicious recipe and fuel up with Vitamin C which is required for normal growth and development.
6 Tips that Will Help You Prepare the Perfect Valentine’s Day Meal
February 08, 2016
Events & Holidays
Valentine's Day is fast approaching. A great way to show your love to someone, on the most romantic day of the year, is to cook for this person.
10 Healthy Snacks
January 29, 2016
Cooking & Recipes
Whether it's for losing weight or improving your overall nutritional intake, it is imperative that you develop healthy snack habits for you and your family. These ten healthy snacks are ideal for everyone!
Cutting Out the Bad and Bringing in the Good With Cutting Boards USA
January 07, 2016
Tips & Lifestyle
It's hard to get started every New Year's Day. We've all got goals, dreams, and expectations, but sometimes it's just hard to make them come true. It takes diligence, perseverance and quality...
Planning Your Holiday Menu Right
December 17, 2015
Events & Holidays
It can be tough to plan and execute a party, but with a little know-how, ingenuity, planning and effort, anything can be accomplished.
Tips to Help Find the Perfect Gift for Your Friends and Family
December 04, 2015
Events & Holidays
Do you have trouble finding the right gifts during the holiday season? If so, you are not alone. Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list by using these five tips:
Tips to Make the Perfect Fruit cake this Holiday Season
November 24, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
We have all tried that holiday fruitcake that could have doubled as a brick when re-siding the neighbor’s house. Excite your tasted buds by using these 10 tips to an exceptional fruitcake to share with your friends and family.
Five Signs You Might Be Gluten Intolerant
November 11, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
We have all heard in recent news about the thousands of people becoming intolerant to gluten. While not everyone suffers from this issue, you might be surprised that you too might be a victim of gluten intolerance.
Superfoods of 2016 that You’ll Need to Try
October 22, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
The amazing benefits of superfoods are becoming a staple in every household. In 2015 two large contenders were kale and coconut oil, but what should we expect for 2016?
10 Tips to Make the Perfect Pumpkin Pie
October 14, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
Topped with fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg, a slice of a good pumpkin pie tastes like heaven.
Ways to Recycle your Decorative Squash this Season
September 29, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
Autumn is a fun time when we have the chance to use squash in many imaginative ways, giving us the opportunity to let out our inner child.
Save Time and Avoid Stress with Make-Ahead Meal Hacks
September 04, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
Most families are incredibly busy. After arriving home the thought of making a meal from scratch is sometimes hard to imagine. Fortunately, there are some easy hacks that can help families plan and prepare meals ahead of time.
Canning Chopped Vegetable Cutting board
August 27, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
Back in the days when there was no fridge, people were in the habit of canning while the bounty lasted so they could have a supply of fruit and vegetables during winter months.
8 Best Cutting Board Tips
August 14, 2015
All About Cutting Boards
It’s hard to imagine efficient food prep in the kitchen without cutting boards. This essential tool is found in almost every kitchen.
Hamburger Patty Cutting Board
July 29, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
It’s that time of the year for people to head out to their backyards, prepare the fire extinguisher, fire up the grill, and make some of the best hamburger patties known to man. Or maybe the neighborhood.
Ramen burger, pizza, ice cream
July 07, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
Healthy eating has become a buzz word when it comes to cookery in these modern times, but sometimes we all crave something just a little bit naughty.
Best Ribs on the Grill
June 08, 2015
Cooking & Recipes
Ribs are enjoyed by many people all across the country. However, they can be tricky to make, and this stops many people from grilling their own ribs. Ribs are actually not that difficult to grill, if you know what you are doing.
What and What Not’s of the Dishwasher
May 29, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
A dishwasher comes in handy in the house, allowing you to clean up after meals quickly and without much effort. However, you are not exempted from doing some cleaning, as some utensils.
Used wood cutting board usa
May 11, 2015
All About Cutting Boards
What should you do if you find that your brand new maple or walnut cutting board is starting to look curved rather than straight? This is the result of your cutting board becoming warped, but it is not cause for it having to be thrown out.
Prepare Meal Cutting board
April 29, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
It is not always what you eat; it is the amount you eat. Watching your portion sizes and eating the right proportion of each food group is important to maintaining a healthy weight and improving your health.
An Introduction to the Different Cuts of Meat
April 08, 2015
Cooking & Recipes
There is nothing more delicious than a perfectly grilled ribeye steak or a pork roast that is falling off the bone. If you regularly serve meat in your kitchen, there are two things you need.
eating more fruits and veggies
March 23, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
However, changing this resolution for trying to eat healthier and be more active is easier to achieve. Making better food choices implies eating more fruits and veggies.
Wood Cutting Boards and Knives: The Perfect Pair
February 16, 2015
All About Cutting Boards
Just like Batman and Robin, wood cutting boards and knives won’t go without each other. You won’t use a knife without a cutting board, and that same cutting board won’t find as many uses without a knife.
Which Oven Mitt Will Protect You Better
January 30, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
Obviously, since human skin is not made to withstand very high temperatures, no cook in the world can live without oven mitts. But when in front of the displays at any kitchen store, it is easy to get lost among all of the choices available.
Pantry Clean Up And Detox
January 16, 2015
Tips & Lifestyle
Now that the holidays are over, we have a whole new year ahead of us, that it is custom to start with: resolutions! Like many people, I will want to go to the gym only to cry that I did not lose any weight over Valentine’s Day chocolate on sale in March.
wood cutting board xmas fudge
December 18, 2014
Events & Holidays
Now is the time of the year where we have the chance to visit loved ones, family, and friends. We all get merry and have a good time.
Understanding Food Expiration Dates
November 05, 2014
Tips & Lifestyle
Have you been planning to cook chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight, only to realize that the chicken breast you just placed on the cutting board expired two days ago? For most of us, it is not uncommon to grab something out of the refrigerator only to discover it has passed its expiration date.
Pumpkin Carving Workshop
October 20, 2014
Events & Holidays
Halloween! My sweet tooth always gets satisfied at this time of the year. For most of us, it is the only time of the year we get to eat pumpkin.
Comfort Food 101
October 07, 2014
Cooking & Recipes
To me, comfort food is something full of carbs (and fattening) that I eat most of the time during winter months. Why is some food “comfort” food? It varies depending on the age, if you’re a man or a woman and according to your culture as well.
Slow-Cookers Are a Mother’s Best Friend
September 23, 2014
Cooking & Recipes
All mothers are going through this. In a rush every morning, making sure kids have all they need for their day at daycare or at school, making sure they eat good meals, driving them to soccer practices, doctor’s appointments, cleaning...
Surviving on lunchboxes
September 08, 2014
Tips & Lifestyle
Kids are back-to-school since a few weeks already and we now need to get and stay organized in the kitchen to make sure we eat healthy even though we are all trying to fit everything we want to do in 24 hours. Here's a few tips to help you out making great lunchboxes quickly and easily.
Apple Pie Recipe
August 20, 2014
Cooking & Recipes
It’s the time of the year you start thinking about an all-American classic: apple pie. How about learning how to cook this all-time favorite at home?
These Kitchen Tools Nobody Can Live Without
August 06, 2014
Tips & Lifestyle
Nobody can eat at the restaurant all the time. And most of us need to do some minimal cooking. No matter if your life is just beginning and you’re gathering all you need to move in a place of your own, trying to make wise choices to narrow down to the essentials you need to get.
Things You Probably Did Not Know About BBQ
July 22, 2014
Tips & Lifestyle
If you’re like me, summer also means picnics and cooking on the barbecue. With weather being so warm and the sun shining, there is no point in locking yourself indoors to cook for hours in a steamy kitchen and make your house even hotter than it already is by using your oven!
Put The Oven On Vacation
July 08, 2014
Cooking & Recipes
We are well into summer now! As much as I can, I like summer cooking not to involve heat. Unless we’re talking about barbecuing. That falls into a totally different category.
The Unconventional Guide to Cleaning and Oiling a Cutting Board
June 27, 2014
All About Cutting Boards
Following my comparison of the finishing products you can use on your wood cutting boards to condition them; here is clear and simple advice on how to properly clean, sanitize and condition them.
The Cutting Board Finishes War
June 02, 2014
All About Cutting Boards
Hello you cutting boards fans! I, Annie the official Cutting Boards USA chef, made some experiments to compare a few cutting board finishes recommended when it comes to wear, smell, and easiness of application.
Stop Wasting Money! Tips To Make Food Taste Better And Last Longer
May 15, 2014
Tips & Lifestyle
While this economy is still struggling, it’s even more important to find ways to save money on your weekly grocery bill. This means learning a few tips to keep food fresher, make it taste better, and last a little longer.
Guide To Purchasing Cutting Boards
May 02, 2014
All About Cutting Boards
Cutting boards are an indispensable tool that everyone should have in their kitchen. They have the ability to keep materials condensed and contained while cooks are preparing meals.
Celebrate Easter Wood Cutting Board
April 02, 2014
Events & Holidays
With Easter just a few weeks away, now is the time to make your plans and figure out how you’ll celebrate. The traditional at-home Easter brunch or dinner has some distinct advantages.
Cutting Board For Garlic
March 24, 2014
Tips & Lifestyle
When it comes to cooking, traditions are getting lost along the way. With technologies and transformed products easily available.
Like a knife through butter—Part 2
March 10, 2014
Tips & Lifestyle
There is so many kinds of knives for as many purposes available on the market as it is, one easily gets lost.
Like a knife through butter—Part 1
February 25, 2014
Tips & Lifestyle
If you’re into cooking, you probably already know that many good knives are essential to any kitchen. But which one should you choose? Which material is the best?
Cooking at home is a bargain
February 03, 2014
Tips & Lifestyle
Whereas it might be tempting to eat at the restaurant, for many reasons, cooking at home is (and always will be) a must.
Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Cooking from Cutting Board USA
December 23, 2013
Events & Holidays
Along with all the fun and excitement the holidays bring, there are some major stresses; especially around the food. If you plan on hosting parties this year take a few minutes to read our Stress-Free Holiday Cooking Tips!
Why Wood Cutting Boards Are the Best
December 10, 2013
All About Cutting Boards
Wood cutting boards are a kitchen staple. Without one, your counter gets dinged up and your knives quickly dull. Although there are numerous materials used to make cutting boards from...
Last-Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Tips
November 26, 2013
Events & Holidays
If you’re expecting guests for Thanksgiving dinner this year and need a few tips to get your dinner going in the right direction, take a look at our quick article.
Holidays Gift Ideas
November 12, 2013
Events & Holidays
The holiday season is quickly rounding the corner, and that leaves many a person scrambling. Doing that little something extra for your employees will go a long way in showing that your company values them.
The Perfect Corporate Gift—Custom Laser Engraved Wooden Cutting Boards
October 22, 2013
Events & Holidays
Wooden cutting boards are a great way to say thank you to your valued clients or employees. Especially when you buy them from a place that will custom laser engrave them for you! Here are a few creative ideas for you.
What to Cook in October—Fresh Local Finds on Your Wooden Cutting Board
October 01, 2013
Events & Holidays
October cooking. All about cozy and warm. Right? Maybe for some of us who find ourselves further north it is, but for those of you down south, perhaps something more local, something with a bit of punch and flair!
Food Apps—What’s Cooking in the Techno-Kitchen?
September 19, 2013
Tips & Lifestyle
It seems that technology has no limits. Let’s take a look what’s cooking in the techno-kitchen.
Cutting Board University: Healthiest ways to Prepare your Foods
September 03, 2013
Cooking & Recipes
We all want to improve our health whenever we can, and often the first place we can do this is in the kitchen.
Cutting Board University—Tear-Free Onion Chopping
August 20, 2013
Cooking & Recipes
Ever wonder how to cut an onion without crying like a baby? Take a look at our tried and true methods for tear-free onion chopping.
Cutting Board University—Which Herb is Right for You?
August 05, 2013
Cooking & Recipes
What flavors go best with what types of food? Find out more about the most popular herbs, their characteristics and common uses.
Fresh Summer Flavors—How to Grow Your Own Herbs
July 24, 2013
Cooking & Recipes
Whenever I’m chopping and mincing on my maple cutting board, I love the fresh aroma’s that come from fresh picked herbs!
America’s Favorite Celebrations—Pull-off a July 4th BBQ in Style
July 03, 2013
Events & Holidays
July 4th celebrations are getting close, and keeping in step with America’s love of food, family and homeland why not throw an outdoor BBQ bash this year?
Tricks to Keep Your Tank Full — Never Run out of Propane Again!
June 17, 2013
Tips & Lifestyle
There’s nothing worse than running out of propane halfway through your barbeque party.
2013 Big Apple BBQ Block Party
June 03, 2013
Events & Holidays
Put away the raincoats and umbrellas, it’s time for New York’s biggest and baddest BBQ party ever!
How to Pull off a Great Memorial Day BBQ
May 24, 2013
Events & Holidays
With long-standing traditions like the Indy 500, Coca Cola 600, and the Memorial Golf Tournament taking place close to or on the Memorial Day weekend, people are in the mood to be outside and to eat!
Cutting Board University---Chopping 101
May 07, 2013
Cooking & Recipes
Want to wow your dinner guests? Want to get ready for all those veggies coming up with summertime?
Spring Salmon Recipe
April 18, 2013
Cooking & Recipes
Americans love their red meat! In fact, when summer comes around, you can smell the aroma of steaks grilling on an open flame all over the place.
Cutting-edge Wooden Cutting Board-care
April 02, 2013
All About Cutting Boards
Sanitizing, cleaning and sealing are the three basic rules in taking care of your wooden cutting board.
A bunny told me Egg-citing Easter Facts
March 28, 2013
Events & Holidays
Easter Facts & Recipes 90 million of chocolate bunnies are made for Easter EACH YEAR!
9 Best-Kept Chef’s Secrets
March 19, 2013
Cooking & Recipes
Want to cook like a pro? Go from Rookie to Master Chef? Read on for 9 top-secret tips we managed to wrangle out of some of the most experienced Chefs around!
Make a Decorative Valentine's Day Meal
February 01, 2013
Cooking & Recipes
You can show the whole family you love them with a fun Valentine's Day meal made from scratch.
Thanksgiving Illustrated
November 20, 2012
Events & Holidays
When did the first Thanksgiving take place? How many miles do Americans travel to visit their families during Thanksgiving weekend?
What to do with leftover candy once Halloween is over
November 02, 2012
Events & Holidays
As a kid, coming back from trick or treating, all I wanted to do was dig through my stash and discover all the goodies that I had accumulated during the evening.
A brief history of the Jack O’ Lantern
October 19, 2012
Events & Holidays
In few short days, gals and ghouls will be walking the streets and begging for candy.
Believe or not! Diets so weird they can’t be true.
September 21, 2012
Tips & Lifestyle
I try to eat healthy. I limit the amount of fatty foods in my diet and I try to chop up some veggies...
Fun back to school lunch ideas
September 07, 2012
Tips & Lifestyle
Awwww, September. The leaves are slowly changing colors, the air is getting cooler and, the kids are going back to school!
How to shop smart and avoid wasting food
August 23, 2012
Tips & Lifestyle
I’ll admit it; I am a terrible food shopper. Most of the food that I purchase ends up in the garbage can of my kitchen.
World’s best party food!
August 10, 2012
Events & Holidays
Imagine this scene if you will. You are cutting a beautiful loaf of bread on your favorite cutting board, preparing yourself a lovely sandwich.
Be happy and healthy thanks to hemp
July 30, 2012
Tips & Lifestyle
On a recent trip to the grocery store, I came across a product I had never heard before: shelled hemp seeds.
How to shake or stir the perfect summer cocktail
July 16, 2012
Cooking & Recipes
There is no doubt it, summer is the perfect time of the year for anyone who loves to entertain and throw dinner parties...
Grill baby grill! Gas, charcoal or electric?
June 29, 2012
Tips & Lifestyle
You can smell it in the air. Grilling season is upon us.
Famous dishes around the world: Part 2
June 01, 2012
Tips & Lifestyle
If you read the last article that was published on this blog, I bet you we’re excited about this week’s publication.
Famous dishes around the world: Part 1
May 22, 2012
Tips & Lifestyle
We all love to eat. No matter what our nationality or origins, the love of eating is shared by human beings around the world.
Is going gluten free truly healthy?
May 04, 2012
Tips & Lifestyle
If you pay attention to the labels when you do your grocery shopping, you’ve probably noticed the words “gluten free”...
Snacking at the office
April 20, 2012
Tips & Lifestyle
If you work in an office, chances are, you probably never leave your desk, even during lunch.
Relaxing foods to help you chill out
April 06, 2012
Tips & Lifestyle
Life is stressful. There is no denying it. Most people can hardly get through the day without feeling the effects of stress...
Easter traditions around the world
March 23, 2012
Events & Holidays
After Valentine’s Day, the next big holiday to appear our calendars is Easter. In my family, we celebrate by having a big family meal...
Add a touch of spring to your cuisine
March 13, 2012
Cooking & Recipes
Spring is in the air! The snow is melting and the grass is softly growing. Are you thinking about what kinds of seeds or sprouts you could plant in your garden?
Quick history of the cutting board
February 24, 2012
All About Cutting Boards
In the high tech, fast paced society that we live in, it’s easy to take some things for granted. Case in point: the wood cutting board...
Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day meal
February 10, 2012
Events & Holidays
If you take a quick look at your calendar, you’ll notice that we are already in the month of Februrary which means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.
The biggest food trends of 2012
January 13, 2012
Tips & Lifestyle
A few days ago, we said farewell to 2011 and welcomed 2012. If you take the time to type in “2012 trends” in Google, you’ll see what the world of fashion, home designing and even knitting; has in store for us this year...
Eating smart during the holidays
December 19, 2011
Tips & Lifestyle
Overeating during the holiday season can add an extra pound or two to your waistline that you probably won’t work off at the gym when New Year’s Resolution time comes rolling around. The
Slow down the holiday rush with a Crock-Pot
December 02, 2011
Tips & Lifestyle
Take a good look at your calendar...can you believe it? We’re already in December! Where did the time go?
A different kind of Thanksgiving menu
November 18, 2011
Events & Holidays
Thanksgiving can be a big headache for many people. Some of us may actually be looking forward to cooking up a big meal that is fit for an entire army; while others might be planning to celebrate in a smaller group...
Fresh or dried herbs: You're doing it wrong
November 04, 2011
Cooking & Recipes
I’ll admit it, I like watching cooking shows. I like to see the techniques professionals chefs use when they prepare a meal, and I even tried to apply one of those techniques...
Simple, easy and tasty pumpkin seed recipe
October 21, 2011
Cooking & Recipes
Growing up, I never really celebrated Halloween. I trick or treated a few times during my childhood, but I stopped doing it rather early.
The raw food diet
October 07, 2011
Tips & Lifestyle
If you think the only raw food you should eat is sushi, think again. Time for something new on your cutting board!
Bringing Technology to the Kitchen
September 23, 2011
Tips & Lifestyle
I recently decided to treat myself to an IPod Touch. Since I’ve made that purchase, I often spend my evenings browsing through the thousands of applications...
What you should eat is in your blood
September 09, 2011
Tips & Lifestyle
You like to prepare meals and you try to eat healthy. You slice up plenty of meat and vegetables on your cutting board and you don’t really give your diet any second thought. Well, according to Dr. Peter D’Adamo, you should eat the foods that are better suited to your blood type, assuming you know what your blood type is.
Unusual fruits and veggies to slice and dice on your cutting board
August 26, 2011
Cooking & Recipes
Here are 7 unusual fruits and vegetables that will add some colour to your diet We are frequently told to eat more fruits and vegetables every day.
Cooking that's "in the bag"
August 12, 2011
Cooking & Recipes
How sous vide cooking gives more flavour to a meal I have been following a televised cooking competition over the summer in which a lot of young aspiring chefs are using a method of cooking that is known as sous vide. I was intrigued by that peculiar method of preparing a meal, so I decided to do some research on it.
How to cook safely during a heat wave
July 22, 2011
Cooking & Recipes
Summer can be a brutal season. With the sun scorching down on you and the humidity making it almost unbearable to stand outside, it’s important to know how to handle your food in such weather in order to avoid unwelcomed diseases.
How to organise the perfect BBQ party
July 08, 2011
Events & Holidays
When it comes to cooking in the summer, it’s all about having some friends over and firing up the BBQ, but what about preparation? What needs to be done before your guests arrive to guarantee your BBQ party will be a success? Here are a few tips to follow to turn your next BBQ get together into an event that will truly impress your guests.
April 20, 2011
All About Cutting Boards
"Go big or go home!" could be a motto for Texas.
When you begin to dig into the details and history of the State of Texas, it is not surprising that Texas souvenirs, such as a Texas shaped cutting board, are so popular; everything in Texas is big and bold, and Texans are loud and proud, and rightly so!
March 14, 2011
Cooking & Recipes
If you are a basketball fan, and even if you are not, you are undoubtedly aware that March Madness, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is almost in full swing.
March 03, 2011
All About Cutting Boards
Although you have most likely seen the little tree logo or read on a Website a statement such as: “We are proud to say that all our cutting boards are made in the USA from FSC approved hardwood”; you may not be aware of what that little tree and those three letters actually imply.
February 05, 2011
Cooking & Recipes
There is nothing like the long winter months to bring us together and yearn for a cozy afternoon cuddled by the fire watching our favourite movie and munching on “feel good” food.
January 18, 2011
All About Cutting Boards
I am all for keeping my family safe; regularly cleaning the kitchen countertops, the fridge handle; teaching my kids to thoroughly wash their hands when they come home from school and after using the washroom.
January 14, 2011
Cooking & Recipes
Nothing says weekend more than being able to sleep in a little and then to spend time amongst family and friends. What better way to do this than to host a brunch?
January 04, 2011
Cooking & Recipes
As good as it is to dip a freshly cut piece of baguette into some olive oil and seasoning, or to simply crack off a piece and eat it “au naturel”, day old baguette does not offer the same “wow” factor. Although the bread is still yummy, even your best bread cutting board and knife cannot bring back that newly baked freshness.
December 10, 2010
All About Cutting Boards
As kids it seems that we all go through a collecting phase, whether it is butterflies caught during the summer or that stamp collection that your grandmother generously donated to every year on your birthday.
November 19, 2010
Events & Holidays
Well now that you are nearly done prepping and eating your Thanksgiving dinner, it is already time to begin contemplating that next all important holiday… As you read this, you are likely looking at less than 30 days before you will be expected to be wowing friends, family and, most importantly, your life mate, with a fabulous gift.
November 11, 2010
All About Cutting Boards
Have you ever gone to a company golf tournament or a Christmas party only to walk away with a freebie that was so great that you wondered why you never thought of such a wonderful idea?
November 02, 2010
Cooking & Recipes
Many experimented chefs will tell you that three quality knives and a wooden cutting board will ease the prep work for your Thanksgiving Day dinner for family and friends. Although selecting knives is a matter of personal choice, certain knives will allow you to accomplish multiple tasks.
October 14, 2010
Events & Holidays
Now that you have a family of your own it is time to start the tradition knowing that one day maybe your kids will flock back to the warmth of a home cooked Thanksgiving meal just as you did for so many years.
September 27, 2010
Events & Holidays
What do a magazine subscription, a plush housecoat, a leather handbag, a pear tree and a wood cutting board have in common? These are all traditional gifts associated to the first, second, third, fourth and fifth year wedding anniversaries.
September 02, 2010
All About Cutting Boards
Cleaning, sanitizing and sealing are the three rules of cutting board care. It is funny how we regularly maintain certain items in our home yet others just seem to be taken for granted. Cutting boards, a kitchen essential, seem too often to fall into this category of neglected items.
August 08, 2010
Cooking & Recipes
When talking about kitchen essentials it seems only natural that the things that come to mind are likely influenced by what point we are in our life. The college student out on her own for the first time’s list of kitchen essentials is likely very different from the seasoned cook’s list.
July 13, 2010
All About Cutting Boards
You are wandering the flea market, aimlessly looking at all the junk that people are wasting their Saturday afternoon trying to sell and you realize that the old adage is very much alive: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”
June 18, 2010
All About Cutting Boards
Other cutting board related articles that possibly interests you...

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