Baguette wood cutting board

4 ½" x 20" x ¾"
Maple Walnut Cherry
Maple Walnut
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Baguette wood cutting board 

A unique wood cutting board that is designed to accommodate a loaf of bread. This narrow bread board can be placed directly on the table without taking up too much room. A uniquely shaped cutting board which makes a great gift idea for you, or a friend! This bread cutting board, with its handle and hanging hole, has the word “BREAD” engraved on one side. It will look great hanging on the wall when it is not being used.

This cutting board for bread is the perfect shape for slicing a loaf of bread or serving cheeses and the handle makes it easy to manoeuvre. It is available in Walnut, Maple and Cherry.

Shape and Size
This long and narrow wood cutting board is an ideal addition to any kitchen and makes a wonderful hostess gift. Its size and shape allow it to be placed on the table or the countertop for serving bread or cheese without taking up too much room.

Made in your choice of walnut, maple or cherry, this bread cutting board is 16 inches long (22 inches including the handle) by 5 inches wide; it is ¾ inch thick. A fun cutting board that is perfect for the table.

The top side of this bread cutting board is beautifully engraved with the word “BREAD”.

Anti Slip Feet
The bottom of this bread cutting board is equipped with four anti-slip feet which make it safe to slice your bread by reducing the risk of the cutting board moving around when working on a hard surface.

Care and Maintenance
This unique cutting board can last forever with a minimum of care. It is easy to maintain by simply washing with warm water, rinsing and allowing it to dry. To keep the bread board beautiful, regularly apply our cutting board oil to the board. This bread board comes with complete cutting board maintenance and care instructions.

Cutting boards made in Vermont, USA.

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