Large wood cutting board with juice groove

10 ½" x 16" x ¾"
Maple Walnut Cherry
Maple Walnut
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Large wood cutting board with juice groove 

This wood cutting board is even large enough to be used as a carving board, at the counter, and attractive enough to make its way to the table. This rectangular solid wood cutting board, with its rounded ends, is a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen. Available in Walnut and Maple

Shape and Size
This generously sized solid wood cutting board is surprisingly light weight, manoeuvrable and easy to store. This rectangular shaped cutting board, with its rounded contours, measures 10 1/2 inches wide by 16 inches tall; it is 3/4 inch thick. This board will turn your table top, counter or island into a wonderful work space. This board is the perfect shape to provide plenty of room when cutting vegetables, meat, bread or cheese.

A functional, as well as decorative, grove along the outside of the board will help keep your work space clean. This cutting board with a groove is perfect for carving a chicken or a roast; the groove catches the juices, preventing an overflow onto your workspace, keeping your countertop, table or island clean.

This cutting board is reversible. Use the side of the board with the groove when slicing juicy fruit or carving a roast; turn it over, for a completely flat working surface when cutting less messy items such as vegetables, bread or cheese. Maybe get in the habit of using one side for fresh fruits and vegetables, and the other side for meat.

Care and Maintenance
This beautiful maple cutting board is easy to maintain, simply wash with warm water, rinse and let dry. Applying our cutting board oil regularly. The cutting board comes with a complete care and maintenance instructions.

Our cutting boards are proudly made in USA, and are designed to be both a functional and good looking.  
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