Puzzle piece shaped maple wood cutting boards (3 pieces)

6 ½” x 10 ½” x ¾”
Maple Walnut
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Puzzle Pieces Serving Trays

These novelty cutting boards in the shape of puzzle pieces are made of sturdy hardwood crafted from North-American maple trees. They were created for durability with high quality wood. 

Insert your wine glass in the puzzle slot to conveniently carry wine and food to your table. Give them multiple purposes by displaying them as decorations around your house. Use them to carry food or place them on the table as trendy presentation boards. You can also use them as cheese boards. Individually, they can display different types of foods: cheese boards, entree serving tray or fruit serving tray.


Our boards in action

Puzzle pieces in action - 0003
Puzzle piece - 0003
Puzzle piece with wine glass - 0003
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