Round 10 1/2 inch wood cutting board

10 ½" x ¾"
Maple Walnut Cherry
Maple Walnut
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Round 10 1/2 inch hardwood cutting board with juice groove 

This beautiful round solid maple wood cutting board is a must have for every kitchen. This board is 10 ½ inches in diameter, lightweight and an ideal size for last-minute prep work or, better yet, to serve the cheese right on the table.  Attractive enough to be used as a serving plate, yet functional and durable for everyday use. With the proper care, this solid maple board can last a lifetime! A good cutting board can go a long way in the kitchen. Available in Walnut and Maple.

Shape and Size
This solid maple cutting board is 10 1/2 inches in diameter and 3/4 inch thick. Its round shape offers a functional workspace for prepping smaller items; the perfect size for serving cheese at the table.   

A built in liquid groove cut into the outer edge of this round cutting board will help maintain a clean work area by catching juices released from that ripe pineapple.    
This round cutting board is reversible making it a treasure to own. The grooved side will reduce the mess and the flat side substitutes as a perfect serving plate.  It is suggested that you consistently use the same side when prepping raw meats, such as poultry and beef and the opposite side when cutting fresh fruits and vegetables or breads and cheeses. Better yet, equip your kitchen with two different shaped board that will always be used for separate tasks.

Care and Maintenance Maple cutting boards require very little maintenance. The board should be hand-washed using warm water, rinse it and allow it to dry. In order for your cutting board to last a lifetime, we will include complete maintenance and care instructions with your order. See the section on cleaning cutting boards.

With very little care, this quality maple cutting board will last you a lifetime. 

This round maple cutting board is made with pride in the state of Vermont, USA.

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